Natural beauty in your home

Norman Australia have the most amazing product range when it comes to their timber shutters, all of which are custom crafted for timeless quality and perfection. They are strong with reinforced engineered wood, embedded with recessed magnets to eliminate the gap between each shutter panel, resulting in less light filtering through. All materials sourced for these products are done with the environment and your family's safety in mind and are sustainable and legally obtained.

Timber shutters are super stylish and add a touch of class to your home. They can be customised to suit all variations of window and door frames and are available in a range of high quality finishes.

Huge range of custom styles available

Shutters are the most versatile of all window covering products. Norman shutters are confident they have the style to suit your home, no matter what size or shape you require.

  • Full height - most popular style, creates sense of scale and clean lines
  • Cafe style - panels only cover the bottom half of windows, allowing plenty of light
  • Double hung - top and bottom panels operate independently
  • Track and Doors - top and bottom tracks to create wide window & door opening
  • Bay windows - made to measure utilising full height, cafe style or double hung
  • Solid panels - traditional finish to your windows with solid panels that block light
  • Special shapes - arches, circles, gables and triangles, all can be catered for
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The world's best selling shutter.

  • Made from an eco friendly engineered wood composite and coated with medical grade materials
  • Environmentally safe
  • Choice of 9 contemporary white and earthy colours
  • Resists peeling cracking, chipping and yellowing
  • High resistance to heat damage under the harsh Australian sun
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Woodlore Plus Waterproof

All the benefits of the Woodlore shutter plus:

  • Fully waterproof panels and frames suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries
  • Stainless steel hardware which won't rust or corrode
  • Perfect for busy family lifestyles where knocks and bumps are likely to occur
  • Wide choice of 26 colours
  • Amazingly lightweight
  • Can endure the unexpected shower of rain or constant moist sea breeze
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Offering affordability by blending premium hardwood panels with EWC frames

  • Wider panel specifications and more layout options
  • Choice of 27 colours plus custom options
  • Can be used as a door option
  • Available in special shapes
  • Excellent entry level hardwood shutter range
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Norman's finest wood shutter

  • 100% premium-selected and sustainability managed hardwoods
  • Made with 30% more wood to create the most robust and widest options
  • Painted with 2 additional hand sanding and finishing sequences for ultimate furniture finish
  • Over 50 stunning paint and stain colours
  • Contemporary elegance that will impress friends and family

PerfectTilt Motorisation

For home automation with flair, ask about Norman Shutters PerfectTilt Motorisation options. The power to command your shutters in the palm of your hands with iPhone and iPad control when paired with a Hub option. The ultimate in seamless and effortless control, including an auto switch feature that changes tilt methods automatically. Must be seen to be believed. Enquire now about the PerfectTilt Motorisation features.