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Timber Shutters

We exclusively source our timber shutters from Norman Australia. This company are based in sunny Queensland and provide the highest quality craftsmanship in all of their variations of timber shutters.

Timber shutters are versatile and offer a lifetime guarantee. They will not age or date and the wear and tear over the years will be minimal. Read more about these products and take a virtual 3D look into how these shutters can recreate your space perfectly.

Honeycomb Shades

For Honeycomb shades we exclusively source the products from Norman Australia. They provide 'Portrait Honeycomb Shades' that offer over 500 fabric options to choose from to suit your project.

Honeycomb shades are also extremely family friendly with cordless 'child safe' options and various motorised options as well. These shades have been growing in popularity over the years and are now one of the most sought after window furnishing options.

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a tried and tested window furnishing option and have stood the test of time. The versatility of them is great as they suit blind needs that may not work with other options.

Australian made and manufactured, we exclusively source our roller blinds from Lifestyle Shutters who are one of the best in their business.